Off-road cycling
10-13 October 2019
3 Nights


The SMBC Team organizes for the third consecutive year ‘Across The Island – The Cyprus Epic Challenege’. The challenge will be held between the 10th to the 13th of October 2019 starting from the village of Pera in Nicosia and ending at St. George of Peyia in Paphos. There will be a total of 4 stages of approximately 80 Km each with 2.5Km ascent with 2 feed zones every 25/30Kms. 100 registrations are available to cyclists with high MTB experience and good physical fitness. Teams are expected to start, finish and guide themselves to the finish line. The route will be marked and .gpx files for routes will be provided in advance of the race.

 4-DAY EPIC package

START DATE Thursday 10.10.2019
END DATE Sunday 13.10.2019
BRING MTB in excellent working condition, helmet and sunglasses. Don’t forget the sunscreen!
3 Nights in hotels Luggage transfer from stage to stage
Breakfast & Lunch Feed zones nutrition
Road support Race packs
Gpx files Technical assistance at the end of each stage
Bike wash points Transportation from finish line to start point
Flight Tickets
Personal Insurance
Airport Transfers
Dinner meals
Accommodation before/after the race

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Stage One

Thursday, 10th October 2019

Time Activity Location
08:00 4-Day race pack pick up Pera Oreinis, registration office
09:00 Stage 1 starts Pera Oreinis
15:00 Stage 1 ends Escape Hotel, Palaichori
15:30 Lunch Escape Hotel, Palaichori
18:00 Briefing & Stage Awards Escape Hotel, Palaichori

Across the Island - 4 Day Epic Race 1

71.5 Km 2373 M 1840 M 15.6%
Across the Island - 4 Day Epic Race 2

Stage Two

Friday, 11th October 2019

Time Activity Location
08:00 Breakfast Escape Hotel, Palaichori
09:00 Stage 2 starts Escape Hotel, Palaichori
15:00 Stage 2 ends Themis House, Lemithou
15:30 Lunch Themis House, Lemithou
18:00 Briefing & Stage Awards Themis House, Lemithou

Across the Island - 4 Day Epic Race 3

64.9 Km 2082 M 1818 M 15.3%

Across the Island - 4 Day Epic Race 4

Stage 3

Saturday, 12th October 2019

Time Activity Location
08:00 Breakfast Themis House, Lemithou
09:00 Stage 3 starts Themis House, Lemithou
15:00 Stage 3 ends Ineia Village
15:30 Lunch Palates Hotel, Droushia
16:00 2-Day race pack pick up Palates Hotel, Droushia
18:00 Briefing and Stage Awards Palates Hotel, Droushia

Across the Island - 4 Day Epic Race 5

79 Km   1956 M 2459 M 21.2%
Across the Island - 4 Day Epic Race 6

Stage 4

Sunday, 13th October 2019

Time Activity Location
08:00 Breakfast Palates Hotel, Droushia
09:00 Stage 4 starts Palates Hotel, Droushia
15:00 Stage 4 ends Searays Cafe, Akamas
15:00 Awards Searays Cafe, Akamas

Across the Island - 4 Day Epic Race 7

48.1 Km  733 M 734 M 11.3%
Across the Island - 4 Day Epic Race 8

Day 1 – Escape Hotel, Palaichori Village

The newly opened hotel consists of several small buildings which follow the terrain of the land. As a new building, modern materials have been used for its construction which are more durable to the weather and require less maintenance. The hotel is built on the banks of the Serakhis River. It is situated in the heart of the village just a short walk from the main square and churches. We are open throughout the year thus giving the visitor the chance to experience all four seasons of the year, with all their different beauties. With 8 spacious double rooms we presently offer bed and breakfast. Our second phase coming shortly, we will see the opening of a café and small restaurant. Escape hotel offers a perfect base for visitors to visit the many picturesque villages of the Pitsilia region and explore the many trails the area has to offer.

Across the Island - 4 Day Epic Race 9

Across the Island - 4 Day Epic Race 10

Across the Island - 4 Day Epic Race 11

Day 2 – Themis House, Lemithou Village

The guest house is equipped to serve all your modern needs that make your accommodation absolutely comfortable. Each room offers free wifi, central heating, TV, telephone, separate kitchen, wardrobe and two of the rooms feature their own jacuzzi. All the rooms open to a terrace with panoramic views of the Troodos mountains.

The large stone-built countryard is surrounded by its beautiful vine trees offering endless moments of absolute relaxation and shade, were you can enjoy your coffee, breakfast and dinner with the view of the whole village spread in front of you.

In the summer, the pool offers moments of coolness and during the winter season the communal space indoors hosts a fireplace making it an ideal spot to hang out with friends. Warm up, enjoy your coffee or glass of wine and if you are in the mood ask for the board games the guest house offers and show off your skills.

Across the Island - 4 Day Epic Race 12

Across the Island - 4 Day Epic Race 13

Across the Island - 4 Day Epic Race 14

Day 3 – Palates Hotel, Droushia Village

PALATES VILLAGE HOTEL is a family run business, comfortable and traditional. The hotel is built in the historical Cypriot style with stones and fits the rural surroundings.  It is located in the beautiful village of Droushia which is situated in the heart of the Akamas peninsula in the North West of the island. This charming old settlement nestles in spectacular surroundings on a rugged plateau. There are fantastic views towards the Akamas Nature Reserve and the Troodos mountain range, as well as towards the Mediterranean Sea. The Palates Village Hotel provides an ideal base for exploring this fascinating area. Droushia is only 10 minutes by car to the beautiful beaches of Latchi. The distance to Paphos International Airport is about 40km.

Across the Island - 4 Day Epic Race 15

Across the Island - 4 Day Epic Race 16

Across the Island - 4 Day Epic Race 17

Across The Island 2019 – Race Rules and Regulations

  1. Race duration is 4 days.
  2. Teams can consist of 2 or 3 riders.
  3. Athletes must be older than the age of 18 at the start of the race
  4. Teams must start together and finish within a maximum difference of 5 minutes between each other, except from stage 4 of the race.
  5. Stage 4 is an individual race, and riders can race for individual times.
  6. At each stage the first 3 teams are awarded with medals while the first team also receives a trophy and yellow jerseys.
  7. The leading team must wear the yellow jerseys during the following stage of the race.
  8. Teams must complete all 4 stages of the race.
  9. There will be 2 feed stops per day. Time will be deducted at each feed station.
  10. Team members must arrive at feed zones with a max difference of 5 minutes of each other.
  11. Team time is calculated based on the time of the last team rider.
  12. Team time on Stage 4 is the average time of team riders.
  13. The overall winning team is the team with the lowest overall time of the 4 stages.
  14. In the event of the race forced to stop due to extreme weather conditions the time at the last feed stop will be considered as finish time.
  15. In the event of a DNF due to a mechanical failure of one of the team riders, the team’s time is calculated by adding the team’s last finish time to a 30 minutes penalty if the failure occurred before the first feed zone or to a 15 minutes penalty if failure occurred before the second. For this rule to apply the riders must inform the organizers immediately and an event representative will reach the team to inspect the issue.
  16. Riders are only allowed to race riding a MTB. The organizers encourage the use of cross-country Mountain Bikes (HT or FS) but any type of MTB is allowed. E-bikes are also welcome but will race in a separate category.
  17. Team members or their representative must attend the race briefings at the end of each stage.
  18. All riders must always have their race numbers at the front of their bikes and on their jerseys.
  19. Riders can have external support only at the Start/Finish and feed stations only.
  20. Except for some parts that could not have been avoided, the race is conducted off – road. Caution towards other road users is advised when riders must go on road.
  21. Each team shares a room.

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